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JuliusTEC caused a sensation at Euroshop 2023

Euroshop 2023 has closed its doors once again and we, the whole Carttec and CarttecLAB team, still excited after these 5 days of frenetic activity, return home with a feeling of real pride for the work done and for the recognition received. Our technological proposals proved to be a revelation for many of the visitors to our stand, who did not expect to find technology which was designed for retail, so adapted to the new needs of the consumer, so developed and already available for use.

We introduced products aimed at improving the shopping experience for consumers in those routine and tedious tasks they carry out almost every day in the supermarket. However, if we focused on the consumer, we focused on the shop manager, to support him/her in the evolution towards new concepts of inclusion that are already being implemented in today’s retail distribution.

Why did JuliusTEC cause a sensation at Euroshop 2023?

At this fair we witnessed something extraordinary that rarely happens at a trade event: Everyone wanted to know and try our most outstanding robotics development, JuliusTEC, the autonomous trolley that follows you wherever you go. Yes, it’s not crazy, the trolley follows you without getting lost! It is the ideal companion for people with reduced mobility.

With advanced ultra-wideband (UWB) technology, JuliusTEC is able to draw a perfect map of the supermarket and perfectly detect any kind of obstacle that the consumer may encounter on their way along the sales floor, thus ensuring maximum safety and convenience throughout the shopping process.

JuliusTEC was one of the highlights at Euroshop 2023, thanks to the work carried out by the Carttec and CarttecLAB team of professionals who, for more than four years, have spared no effort to achieve this significant advance in the retail sector, a trolley that we can call intelligent without fear of exaggeration or being mistaken.

JuliusTEC is another way of effortlessly doing the shopping without worrying about anything other than choosing the products and putting them in its ergonomic basket, it “pushes” for you and makes going to the supermarket even more fun, as well as saving time, as the shopping is done more easily and quickly.

At Carttec and CarttecLAB we are constantly on the move, immersed in a constant process of revolution and innovation. We help our clients to achieve their goals and strive to help create a better society. We develop useful products and services in the belief that these will improve people’s lives.

CarttecLAB, we innovate at your side.