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Meet CARTTECLAB and its new website

From Carttec, we would like to announce the creation of the website, where you can find all the technology products the company has been creating since 2019.

Cartteclab – Carttec’s R&D&I unit – arose from the demands of a dynamic market that led us to focus on the exploration and development of new technology-based products.

Venturing into this field would have been very complicated for our company were it not for the cooperation of key research institutions who, motivated by their commitment to service, proposed solutions to socially significant problems.

Thus, collaboration began with the University of Salamanca, with whom we have developed and continue to perfect the most innovative products.

The most relevant sectors of CarttecLAB‘s business activity are Retail, Airport, Industry, Healthcare, Events and Hotel, developing innovative solutions for each of them.

It is worth a visit in order to find out about all the products we have developed while seeking to revolutionise any sector requiring a technological solution.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.