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Your factory and warehouses are safer, thanks to Crash Stopper

Crash Stopper is the anti-collision solution for forklifts (both electric and internal combustion) and workers, with real-time monitoring and alerts, that reduces the risk of worker injury and loss of assets due to this type of accident to zero.

This system consists of three levels of alert: the pre-warning, which warns the pedestrian; the alarm, which activates the devices (sound, light and forklift braking); and the interaction range, which allows us to get closer to the forklifts in order to interact, silencing the alarms, which are fully configurable.

Currently in the industrial sector, incidents related to work accidents are a frequent problem. Thus, the sector must be updated, the necessary solutions sought and both factors improved in order to safeguard the protection of our human and material resources.

Crash Stopper was developed by Cartteclab, Carttec’s R&D division, for the prevention of risks and to increase the safety of workers in the industry by reducing the number of work-related absenteeism.

By avoiding incidents, assets remain in good working order for longer, in addition to the improved productivity of all workers, who will feel more confident in carrying out their daily activities.

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