You are currently viewing Cart Control: the system that puts an end to trolley theft

Cart Control: the system that puts an end to trolley theft

Economic losses from shopping trolley theft are very high. With Cart Control, this problem is easily solved.

The work at Carttec is a constant search for improvements for the sectors we work with. In the case of retail, from handles and purses to systems that provide increased security.


How can Cart Control help me?

Supermarkets and retail companies face a serious and recurring problem: thefts. Annual losses are very high. 

This type of theft accounts for 40% of all thefts in Spain. Since the rise in the CPI last September, shopping basket has become approximately 10.5% more expensive. Supermarkets are confronted with thieves on a daily basis. One of the most stolen items is oil, which is then sold on the black market.

The system we are talking about today prevents trolley theft in retail outlets and is the perfect solution to this problem.


How does this system work?

Cart Control is a Carttec technology that locks trolley wheels when there is an attempt to move a trolley out of the area determined by the shop:

  • It acts as an invisible barrier by locking the wheels
  • It is the most efficient and cost-effective solution

But how exactly does it work?

  1. When the trolley crosses the locking area, the smart wheel stops rolling
  2. This happens because it receives a signal sent by the Central Transmitter through previously buried cables
  3. This type of wheel works on any type of surface, both indoors and outdoors


7 benefits of implementing this system in my business

Choosing to install Cart Control is one of the best decisions you can make. major international retailers have already incorporated our design in their shops, thus avoiding very significant economic losses.

Benefits of the system:

  1. By keeping the trolley on the premises, we prevent it from being stolen
  2. It saves on personnel, as we do not need workers to spend time searching for and retrieving trolleys
  3. By preventing trolley thefts, it saves resources since there is no need to purchase replacements Nor is it necessary to have a fleet in anticipation of constant theft
  4. CO2 footprint is reduced, as we extend the lifetime of the trolleys
  5. By reducing costs, we can invest in more developed trolleys that improve the customer shopping experience
  6. We eliminate confrontations between shop staff and potential shoplifters
  7. The wheels are automatically unlocked when the trolley is moved back towards the authorised perimeter


Trolley and product theft and the resulting financial losses are eliminated with Cart Control, another Carttec system designed to improve the retail experience.