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How to improve people’s flow in queues and boarding?

By 2036, the current number of passengers will double and we will need to improve people’s flow in areas used for transit during journeys.

There is no doubt that technology and artificial intelligence are of great help. However, traditional products such as airport trolleys, waiting area furniture or queue delimitation systems will continue to be indispensable.


How to improve people’s flow?

Technological progress enables us to optimise many processes:

  • Online registration
  • Registration at automated terminals
  • Biometric boarding
  • Automatic baggage check-in
  • Automated passport reading
  • Robotic parking

The incorporation of artificial intelligence will gradually make it possible to absorb more passengers and gain space, but traditional systems will continue to be necessary. 

In fact, security controls and BIPs (Border Inspection Posts) continue to experience congestion which must be controlled by the systems mentioned above.

Most airports encounter serious problems in these spaces where passengers accumulate for long periods of time. We encounter the same problem when we need to delimit payment queues in airport shops and cafés.

Speeding up these processes depends on such passengers being well organised.


Systems to organise passenger flow

Organising travellers correctly in these queues requires practical solutions that have nothing to do with AI. We refer to Carttec’s space delimitation systems. 

These systems are also known as catenaries, or boundary posts, and serve to separate and organise the places where such queues form, or are expected to form.

These barriers are customisable, enable the incorporation of advertisements and can be linked by means of:

  • Belts
  • Panels

Our posts are easy to handle, do not get damaged when we change the advertising or the colour of the ribbons, and are very easy to assemble. In addition, we can repair all the posts in our catalogue.


How do we solve the problem?

Designing practical, functional and aesthetic solutions is what characterises our work. This is also one of the reasons why, through our products, we are present in so many airports.

The design process starts with the observation and analysis of a problem:

  • As a result, we can begin to shape the system to solve the problem. 
  • Due to our firm commitment to innovation, we have a team capable of proposing effective and successful projects.
  • Technology and digitalisation are part of the tools we have at our disposal to design products that solve problems.


To improve people’s flow passing through your space is possible, at Carttec we have various systems to achieve this.

If you need advice and if you want to create a fluid, agile and comfortable transit space, do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about any of our products.