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Cartcontrol and Puchek agains theft in supermarkets

On 16 November, the AECOC Annual Congress on Unknown Loss (Shrinkage) was held, and we had the opportunity to take part in essential conversations about the future of consumption and retail. Today, as discussed there, we address one of the most prominent challenges in the food sector: theft in supermarkets.

We explain to you how our security solutions can help protect assets, preventing much of the shrinkage that occurs in supermarkets. Almost every item displayed on the sales floor is susceptible to theft, but there are some that are prime targets for criminals.


These are the main products that suffer theft in supermarkets

  • Spirits: They are at the top of the list. This product has always been a prime target for thieves. Their compact size and high value make them a key target for shoplifters.
  • Iberian Hams: These exquisite products, with their unmistakable taste, are in second place. Their high market demand and relatively small size make them a temptation for criminals.
  • Men’s grooming products: In third place and especially those intended for shaving. Although it might be thought that the theft of these products is marginal, the truth is they account for a very considerable amount of losses. 
  • Tuna: Surprisingly, the fourth place goes to tuna. Its popularity and the ease with which it can be hidden in a bag or in clothing make it an easy target.
  • Wines: As with spirits, thefts of wine bottles are very frequent, especially the higher value bottles. Shoplifters will perform some true juggling acts to sneak and carry these products out of the shop undetected.


At Carttec, we don’t just warn about this alarming information, we also provide effective solutions to combat shoplifting in supermarkets. Our CartControl and Purchek products are designed precisely for this purpose: To prevent and reduce shoplifting.

CartControl prevents trolleys from moving outside the supermarket or shopping centre car park, whether inside or outside, by braking the wheels of the trolley and immobilising it before it can leave the perimeter of the car park.

Purchek is the anti-theft security system that prevents a trolley, whether empty or full of products, from leaving the shop without passing through the checkout. 

At Carttec we are committed to providing innovative solutions that protect the products and integrity of supermarkets. Our CartControl and Purchek solutions are essential tools to reduce theft in supermarkets and ensure an optimal, safe and satisfying shopping experience.