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Latest – Retail World, 30 post-Covid outlooks

The leaders of Mercadona, Euromadi, Gupo IFA, Carrefour, GM Food, Lidl, MasyMas, Eroski, Alcampo and Consum, which represent more than 85% of the large-scale retail sector in Spain, together with large producers and companies in the sector, such as Carttec, reflect on the impact of Covid both on the consumer of the future and their organisations.

Everyone agrees that the companies’ main strength has been and will continue to be their staff, as pointed out by Carttec’s general manager, Ignacio Lobera. In the case of Carttec, our solid, young, qualified and open to change structure allowed us to start working remotely almost overnight. The whole team has given their 100% to ensure that customer service and support did were not impacted in the least.

All the companies have the end client in the main focus of this crisis. Thus, they emphasize that innovation and being prepared for permanent change is another of the general outcomes of the study. In this section, Carttec stands out with the latest products presented during 2020. Starting with our Ecocart E-180, a 100% recycled plastic trolley made from post-consumer plastic, up to the new products presented in Euroshop such as Juliustec, a trolley that simplifies the act of shopping by following the customer through the aisles of the establishment; Juliuscart, a trolley with assisted traction that makes shopping more comfortable; and Horustec Overview, a solution with a real-time location system, based on ultra-wideband technology that stands ot for its discretion, speed and accuracy.

In addition, the end customer, the boss, as defined by Luis Plá from Mercadona, now demands safety and protection of the health of customers. The sales spaces have been forced to strengthen all their protocols in this domain. Carttec has developed complete solutions to meet these objectives. Derived from Horustec, the R+D+i department has created Socialtec Keep Safe which, as defined by Ignacio Lobera, is a technology developed to increase the safety of people by facilitating the control of physical distance and capacity in public places, which controls the capacity and monitors the physical distancing, warning the user of an unforeseen approach below the two-metre threshold. Other solutions created by Carttec are also worth mentioning, ranging from sanitising carts with water recovery, hygiene stations with glove, wipe and sanitising liquid dispensers, to thermographic cameras, sensors and cameras for capacity control, with direct information for customers.

In this link you will find the complete interview with Ignacio Lobera, Carttec’s General Manager.