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How RFID technology works: It’s the go-to for Carttec!

Have you ever stopped to think about how RFID technology works? More and more companies are making a firm commitment to it. The advances in this field in recent years have been remarkable, offering better and more complete solutions. If you’re interested in benefiting from these advantages, don’t miss this new piece on our blog.

Carttec has been implementing this technology in the civil aviation industry for years. Thanks to it, it’s possible to receive live information about the location of various items, especially airport trolleys. This enables you to easily optimise your circulation with minimum operator intervention.

What is RFID technology and how does it work?

Generally, we can define RFID as a product identification system. This means that, while it might look like a barcode, it has a number of important advantages that differentiate it. This is because, instead of an image, RFID uses radio waves to communicate with a microchip. This can be mounted on a card, tag or transponder, for example.

One of the key factors in how RFID technology works is that it allows storing an enormous amount of data. It’s also highly secure, as it’s very difficult to duplicate. Another of its strengths is that it enables instant remote reading. There doesn’t even need to be a line of sight between the two objects.

As you can imagine, its implementation allows operators in many different sectors to act and work much more efficiently. The number of movements that need to be made is reduced, which eliminates time-wasting. RFID is committed to increasing effectiveness and productivity.

Key elements in functional RFID technology include an RFID antenna, an RFID reader and an RFID tag. From there, the size of the warehouse or airport and the desired configuration will determine how many reading arches or portals need to be installed.

When the element with the smart tag passes by, the antenna detects it and sends a signal to the reader, which validates the information. At the same time, this reader will provide real-time information to the customer’s central system, which will benefit from instant data updates.

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