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From stress to shopping satisfaction in three easy steps with JuliusTEC

For many people, shopping can be a stressful experience, especially those of us with mobility problems, such as mothers and fathers with pushchairs, the elderly or the physically disabled. However, thanks to JuliusTEC‘s innovative technology, purchase satisfaction is just three simple steps away.


Buy in three steps with JuliusTEC

  • Step 1: effortless movement. One of the biggest challenges when shopping for people with mobility problems is pushing and maneuvering shopping trolleys. With our system, this difficulty is eliminated. Our innovative motor assistance technology, whereby the trolley follows us without the need to physically interact with it, ensures effortless movement and allows people with mobility problems to move around the shop with ease, whether with pushchairs, walking aids or any other aids that require the use of their hands. 
  • Step 2: safe detention. Its advanced obstacle detection technology prevents the trolley from colliding with other people or shop fixtures. JuliusTEC is a robot, designed to take care of people and their shopping, while providing total security for an unbeatable shopping experience.
  • Step 3:comfort at every step. Essential to customer satisfaction, JuliusTEC ensures that every step of the shopping process is comfortable. From effortless movement to the protection of people and their shopping. JuliusTEC aims to make every step enjoyable and stress-free, especially for those with reduced mobility.


Discover JuliusTEC and how it can make the in-store experience more satisfying and stress-free, regardless of mobility issues.

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