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Carttec, experience and solutions for the airport

At Carttec we have specific solutions for the airport: Landside, Airside and Rampside.

The best system for managing queues of people, organising areas and protecting areas accessible only to authorised personnel is separator posts with extendable belts. These elements keep the airport’s rhythm unhindered.

Carttec’s access systems are tailored to the needs of the airport and are also ideal as a customisable, easy and cost-effective means of presenting advertising at the airport.

It is very easy to assemble and does not affect the use of the post after installation.

The Kalasy, Maldivas and Mauritus models are separator posts with an extendable belt — it should be noted that the belt is made of spiral velvet.

Furthermore, the Seychelle model has four hooking options, making it uniquely versatile.

Which of these best suits your airport’s needs? Our specialists are ready to offer you the most suitable solution for your requirements.

Please contact us by email at or by telephone on the following contact number: +34 91 657 40 11.

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