You are currently viewing Carttec Airports, an international benchmark in comfort for travellers

Carttec Airports, an international benchmark in comfort for travellers

Passengers and airport users deserve the best experience from the beginning to the end of their journey. That is why at Carttec, we design and manufacture specific solutions for each area of the airport: landside, airside and rampside, using the most innovative and efficient technology for the supervision and control of airport trolleys.

Our main objectives are, first of all, that the airport trolleys are easily accessible and available to the user, and secondly, that the airport is able to locate all of the trolleys at any time and in real time.

For the landside area we have a wide range of products. Our stainless steel and aluminium trolleys are outstanding, but we also equip the access and waiting areas with high quality and comfortable items. Airport seats or children’s trolleys are a good example of this. Our motorised trolley collector for the quick transport of lines of trolleys from one area to another, brings some additional comfort and efficiency to the work of employees.

In the airside area, Carttec has duty-free trolleys, airport benches and electric vehicles to move passengers between terminals.

If you are looking for optimal solutions for the rampside, where the loading and unloading of luggage must be carried out quickly and in an orderly manner, Carttec offers you a long list of options. Our ramps are large, stable, easy to handle and highly resistant, with a steel body and frame for robustness, and natural rubber wheels for better mobility and adaptability to asphalt weather conditions. The best ally for a quick and easy service.

Key dates are approaching at airports around the world and at Carttec, we are now ready to provide the best service, with products that are superior, versatile, customised , comfortable and efficient, so that travellers have a memorable experience and employees have excellent tools to make this possible.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.