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Carttec solutions for online supermarket orders

More and more of us are ordering online supermarket orders. The way we shop has changed and companies must adapt and optimise their processes.

For many years, at Carttec we have been designing solutions for industry, such as Crash Stopper; for events, such as HorusTEC, and for the retail sector, such as the ones we are presenting to you today.


Carttec solutions for online supermarket orders

As you know, our company comes up with and designs different solutions for various sectors. The aim is to enable companies to streamline and manage their processes more efficiently.

We cannot deny that we are experiencing an era of change that forces us to renew ourselves at great speed. The retail companies that come to us are looking for time and production optimisation. We design products to help them achieve this.

Today we want to talk about two of the solutions we have created to speed up online ordering.


Delivery Box and Smart Picking

At Euroshop 2023 we presented Smart Picking, a logistics system that facilitates picking, i.e. the preparation of products for an order.

When we work in a warehouse and we are preparing orders, it is essential to have tools that help us to:

  • Label correctly
  • Not mix orders
  • Not lose stock
  • Position items in the correct areas of the warehouse
  • Avoid inaccurate deliveries
  • Use the appropriate measurements
  • Automate the process

Otherwise, we will be wasting time and money.

This system works by means of a colour-coded light system that can be set up as required. In this way, the person in charge of picking can clearly identify where to place the products corresponding to each colour.

The tool is installed on a warehouse trolley that can be adapted according to the size and number of simultaneous orders.

We complement this with Delivery Box, plastic boxes with lids that can be:

  • Stacked
  • Fitted on top of each other
  • They can be stacked with the lids open when full, making it much easier to add or remove contents 
  • When empty, they can be stored inside each other, taking up less space


When it comes to preparing online supermarket orders, these two solutions help to make the process easier and faster. In this way, as we said, we reduce costs and time.


Are there other solutions?

Yes, of course. At Carttec, we work every day to innovate and stay at the forefront of a sector that is advancing at a dizzying pace.

If you want to know what other tools can help you with online supermarket orders, or in any of the other sectors we cover, don’t hesitate to contact us.