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Environmentally friendly Delivery Boxes

At Carttec we strive to offer all our customers the best possible service. We design and create efficient solutions, always using the latest technology and the best materials. But we do not stop there. We are also acutely environmentally aware, a characteristic that we try to reflect in all our products, such as our Delivery Boxes.

Our Delivery Boxes are boxes designed for (primary) home delivery, closed-loop logistics and warehousing. Their main characteristic is the high level of protection they offer goods against all manner of external aggressions they may suffer.

In addition, this Carttecc solution also stands out for being stackable and nestable. It is possible to save space with the Delivery Box. It is estimated that the reduction in empty storage space is more than 70 %.

How do Delivery Boxes help the environment?

It is not just a slogan. It is the here and now. A firm commitment to Delivery Boxes is also a commitment to respecting our environment and nature. Not in vain are we talking about solutions that can be reused over time. This is a significant barrier which hinders the generation of waste in sectors as prone to amassing it as warehousing and logistics.

In the same way, and related to the above, this solution created by Carttec has a very long service life. This means that they can be used for a long time without any loss of efficiency and without having to be replaced, with all the financial and material investment that this would entail.

As can be seen, being reusable and lasting for a long time, avoids the overexploitation of natural resources and raw materials. The environment benefits from Delivery Boxes. But so does your company.

Why do we claim this? In our experience with our track record, we have found that all companies which make firm commitments to these solutions obtain significant reductions in the costs that over time they are confronted with.

What are you waiting for to start enjoying all the benefits Carttec solutions have to offer? We will be happy to help you, advise you and answer any questions you may have. Don’t wait even a minute longer!

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