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Good memories in the supermarket

In 1937 the first supermarket trolley was created. Since then, they have travelled millions and millions and millions of kilometres all over the world, not to mention the countless experiences which have been lived for decades hand-in-hand with that good shopping companion that we call the supermarket trolley.

And because telling isn’t the same as experiencing, I’m going to share some anecdotes from my own life with you.

My name is Silvia and one of the fondest memories of my childhood — that which comes back to me the most — is when I used to go shopping with my parents as a child. Steering the shopping trolley like a bumper car — although my mother, always attentive, supported me with her right hand to help me to avoid any incident I might cause — it was fantastic!

And when it comes to supermarket trolleys, does anyone else hate queuing to pay at the checkout? I wish I could have had Horustec Retail in those days. With this system, employees are alerted if there are long queues at the checkout line, so that more payment terminals can be opened to reduce waiting times. Among many other functions, it can also advise you as to the availability (or otherwise) of shopping trolleys on the islets to ensure that they’re always accessible to the customer, thus providing the best possible shopping experience.

But… wait, there’s a memory, also very special, that I can’t overlook: when I used to go shopping with my grandparents! We’ve all said “I wish they could live forever” at one time or another, but without a doubt, it’s the memories we have of them that are everlasting.

To be honest, who didn’t enjoy shopping hand-in-hand with them? As my grandfather used to say, “you’ll always get something: a lollipop, some chewing gum, sweets…”, and that’s how it was every time. There wasn’t a shopping spree where I didn’t appear in the shopping trolley, which was a good thing for me.

Well, now it’s your turn if you wish:

We at Carttec would like to hear your supermarket anecdotes, whether they’re from your childhood, last month or this morning — whatever you find most interesting.

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