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Carttec at La Rioja Iberian Forum

On 23, 24 and 25 March, our marketing director, Isabel Pilar Alonso, and our graphic designer, Helena Burguillo, attended the Iberian Forum in the capital of La Rioja.

This is undoubtedly the benchmark event, at Iberian level, aimed at the entire MICE value chain. During the meeting, the Carttec team was able to compare opinions and experiences with managers from other companies, discussing current issues and participating in workshops organised by the Iberian Forum team.

One of the most critical points that arises in this sector is the need to understand and analyse the data obtained from the event afterwards. But what about everything that happens during those frenetic days of contacts and masses of information?

For the organisers and managers of any event, it is essential to know the hotspots, the routes of the attendees, where they have stopped, how long they have been in those places. These reference zones are generally established, for example: In a supermarket it can be the checkout counters and at an event it can be the access points, the information desk, stands, corridors, catering areas, conference rooms, etc.

Currently this information is very general, as it depends on the event and the distribution of the space in it. For this reason, Carttec’s Horustec Events from Carttec is a key tool for understanding all the movements that occur in the enclosure, in real time and with absolute precision. In this way, it is very easy to redirect traffic flows and monitor the behaviour patterns of the attendees, as well as the areas of greater and lesser influx at any given time.

Once the event is over, the system allows us to use the information, through the data provided by the event, for example, to personalise post-event actions according to the interests shown by the attendees during their visit.

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