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The solution for RFID management of airport trolleys

The influx of passengers, security measures and tight time constraints mean that airports require very specific equipment. Carttec’s intelligent trolley management and control system helps airports with daily asset monitoring, accurate inventory preparation, maintenance record keeping and performance monitoring of manual operations. In this way, Carttec contributes to the management of airports, providing precision technology that facilitates day-to-day tasks.

Carttec has developed powerful software, powered by RFID, a remote, automatic recognition technology system. It identifies the trolleys by means of a unique identification code via a radio frequency (RF) signal. This application brings many benefits, including, among other things:

The ability to find out and display real time information and distribution data on airport trolleys or specific areas.

It allows airport staff to anticipate and avoid areas of the airport where passengers do not have sufficient trolleys.

It optimises the number of airport trolleys required, both by zone and overall.

It is possible to access an up-to-date inventory, maintenance, breakdowns, asset list, order list and device and user management information, as well as statistics based on customer preferences.

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