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Verdecora entrusts Carttec to protect its trolleys

Recently, Carttec has installed the Smart Wheel 2.0 on Verdecora’s trolleys’ to prevent them from leaving the pre-defined area, because it is not only supermarket trolleys that are stolen, but all types of shopping trolleys.

Verdecora prioritises customer service and provides their customers with the highest quality trolleys. They use both metal gardening trolleys and plastic trolleys that have been customised to their corporate image. Unfortunately, when a benchmark company like Verdecora has its trolleys stolen, it does not only result in financial costs. When they are left abandoned in the street, broken and dirty, they can also prove costly to the company’s image.

With the installation of the Carttec system, Verdecora Parquesur has eliminated the problem of trolley theft in its facilities, avoiding not only the theft of the trolleys and the damage to their image, but also confrontations between the store staff and thieves.

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