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Security in supermarkets: Smartwheel 2.0 prevents theft and alarms

Carttec has a long track record of developing products and solutions to improve supermarket security. We are concerned about our customers and also about the feeling of insecurity caused by theft or robbery in these establishments. This applies equally to large supermarkets and small retail outlets alike.

It’s nothing new. Shoplifting in supermarkets is a long-standing practice. It’s been going on for many years and will continue to do so — unless we do something about it. Such acts are not only problems in themselves but also give rise to anxiety among staff and customers. Not to mention, of course, economic and material losses.

As a retail company, Carttec has been working on supermarket security systems for years. Our mission is to provide security, solidity and satisfaction to all those companies and businesses that place their trust in us. As a result of this work and commitment, we are now offering our customers Smartwheel 2.0 an intelligent wheel designed to prevent theft.

Smartwheel 2.0 — it’s all about supermarket security

A smart wheel that ensures security. This is Smartwheel 2.0, designed and engineered to prevent economic and material losses caused by attempted theft of trolleys or goods. This top-quality solution, constructed using high-strength and durable materials, perfectly complements our Cartcontrol and Purchek security systems.

Within this range of smart castors that improve security in supermarkets, we offer two alternatives:

  • QS rubber locking wheel: this works in conjunction with Cartcontrol and Purchek to prevent theft of trolleys and goods from the premises. These options can be used independently, but when combined they offer the highest level of security available today. It is powered by a battery with a 5-year warranty and has a load capacity of 136 kg, plus an electronic housing with high strength, traction and durability.
  • Travellator ramp locking wheel: protect your business and your investment with the Travellator wheel, designed specifically for ramps and featuring a high-strength, glass fibre-reinforced plastic casing.

We put all our experience at your disposal. We at Carttec are known for our supermarket security solutions. We set the trend among retail companies, innovating systems that enhance both peace of mind and protection for customers and shop staff alike. Contact us to find the best solutions for your business.

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