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Being aware of the need to protect its customers from Covid19 when they do their shopping, ANDORRA 2000 has installed the Handstec hygiene stations in their shops. This intuitive hygiene tower integrates a disinfectant wipe and plastic gloves dispenser, an automatic “hands-free” dispenser of disinfectant gel and a very easy to empty container for the disposal of the wipes or gloves. One of the characteristics of these hygiene towers is their easy installation, as they do not require a power outlet, as well as their design and versatility.

Handstec hygiene towers are part of a new range of products called SECURITEC, developed by Carttec’s R&D department in response to the needs arising from the coronavirus pandemic. Products such as Stepflat, that creates a barrier for the virus at the establishment’s entrance, or SOCIALTEC, a complete automated system for capacity and distance control that can also integrate temperature control cameras.

Continuing with security, in this case to protect its investment in supermarket trolleys, Andorra 2000 has equipped its sales room with hybrid metal and plastic supermarket trolleys, fitted with the Smart Wheel 2.0. intelligent wheels. The trolleys are controlled by the complete Cartcontrolsecurity system.

Carttec’s security systems for shopping carts generate an invisible barrier that blocks the trolleys’ motion to prevent theft. With a simple installation, it is the efficient and cost-effective solution to keep trolleys inside the shopping area. In the event of unauthorised exit, it blocks the wheels, which are also resistant to all weather conditions and suitable for all surfaces.