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Capacity control is here to stay, for the safety of people everywhere.

The situation posed by Covid-19, together with the uncertainty surrounding new variants, have changed our daily habits. Users are tired of having to keep making sacrifices, but they are increasingly appreciative of the efforts made by space managers to provide them with a safe environment. One of the key elements is avoiding the formation of crowds by complying with that area’s capacity.

One of the most effective solutions for capacity control is the one developed by CarttecLAB, Carttec’s R+D+i department, which has 97% reliability and can control the flow of people through all the necessary access points.

It is a robust and easy-to-install system. The cameras are connected to the cloud server and the data is sent to all the necessary screens or terminals.  This way, in addition to informing customers of the percentage of occupied capacity, the security manager can view the data on a mobile device and different spaces can be controlled remotely. Alerts can be generated in the event of over-capacity and the information collected can be used for visitor analysis.

Carttec capacity control is an all-in-one solution. It can be combined with temperature sensing cameras. They allow you to control up to 30 users at a time, instantly and non-invasively, so that foot traffic is not affected at the entrance of any space.

This Carttec proposal is the solution for all those spaces where crowds can occur such as events, conferences, sports centres, gymnasiums, libraries…

You can find more information and see all the characteristics on the product’s technical data sheet.

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