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Carttec’s true commitment to the environment

Carttec takes one step further into being completely committed to sustainability. On this occasion, the logistics department has taken the initiative of replacing traditional plastic or wooden pallets with 100% recycled cardboard pallets.

The main advantage of these new cardboard pallets, developed by Úpalet, a leading company in its sector, is the reduction of the carbon footprint by 13 gr/km. The pallets are 100% recycled, renewable and biodegradable.

Due to the absence of any splinters, metals, nails or staples, these pallets avoid occupational accidents due to their use. In addition, their lightness contributes to the prevention of injuries during handling by improving ergonomics.

The incorporation of recycled cardboard pallets into Carttec’s logistics is part of other initiatives such as the development of environmentally friendly supermarket trolleys. These initiatives have been implemented to achieve higher sustainability and respect for the environment, as these values are an important part of the company’s DNA.