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Travel with us with Carttec’s luggage trolleys

Did you know that our luggage trolleys travel with you? Not just because they accompany you at the airport, but because their names are flying all over the world.

If you’ve got the spirit of Willy Fog, you’ll know that Carttec provides design solutions for airport electric vehicles, trolleys, benches, access control systems, etc. We love to travel and that’s why we have given our luggage carriers some very special names. Would you like to know them?

Carttec luggage trolleys: a tribute to travel

There are several products that we design within the aviation sector, in order to make the user’s and worker’s experience an ideal one.

Comfort, ergonomics and lightness are some of the goals we have in mind when we shape a project. The name of each of these projects is also important, as it infuses them with a certain personality and essence.

Today we are going to talk to you about our luggage trolleys, their characteristics and where they get their unusual names from.

Very special names

All the solutions that we design at Carttec, both for airports and for retail, are based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Comfort
  • Safety
  • Customisation

When you incorporate our systems into your business, the perception of your customers will improve considerably, resulting in higher profits. Our trolley names are inspired by beautiful European islands, because operating them is as pleasant as travelling to those paradises:

  • Majorca: we could not have a selection of trolleys without a name from our beloved geography. This product is made of high-strength aluminium alloy for lightness and manoeuvrability.
  • Malta: this trolley is a favourite at airports. No wonder, as it is made of high-strength aluminium, making it lightweight yet robust. It’s perfect. It also has the accolade of being one of the most desirable summer destinations in Europe. Turquoise waters surround these islands which, if you don’t know them yet, we recommend you visit.
  • Siros: This trolley is made of electrochemically polished stainless steel. It is a user-friendly design whose sinuous shapes are reminiscent of the island from which it takes its name. One of Greece’s most incredible paradises is the one that will escort you through the airport to your next adventure.
  • Brac: this Croatian island is a jewel of the Adriatic and gives its name to one of our stainless steel trolleys most popular. Of course, all of them are customisable with your company’s identity, as well as being very comfortable and strong.


Would you like to carry on travelling? Don’t worry, there are many more islands waiting for you in our luggage trolley catalogue. If you would like to incorporate them into your business, contact us for more information and enjoy the benefits of Carttec products.