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From Carttec we say goodbye to 2022 and helo to 2023

Dear 2022: 

With you, we’ve had 15 years of experience,

15 years of work, enthusiasm, effort and perseverance.

A year in which we have welcomed new members to the Carttec team

and inaugurated our new logistics centre in Valencia, City of Arts and Sciences.

A year in which our R&D&I laboratory, CarttecLAB, has been growing and consolidating its position at national and international level, developing technological products for retail that will be very much talked about in the near future.

 Our sponsored Spanish ‘rider’ Queralt Castellet finishes off the year with a gold medal at the Cooper Mountain World Cup Halfpipe in Colorado, with a record that is hard to beat.

 We are 48 hours away from the end of the year, a great year for Carttec, but we are getting stronger and looking forward to 2023, a year full of new and ambitious projects.

Shall we give you a sneak preview?

We will return to Euroshop for another year, to the number 1 trade fair for retail equipment, with highly innovative products that will revolutionise the retail sector.

We do not want to conclude this news release without thanking and congratulating all our team for their constant work.

 From Carttec, we would like to wish you a happy new year.

 Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.