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Storing boxes efficiently and saving space: Delivery Box

To provide the best service to customers and be at the “top of mind” for their purchasing decisions, it is essential to use the best equipment. Carttec offers something unique in this respect, going beyond shopping trolleys and offering Delivery Boxes, indispensable plastic boxes for home delivery, logistics and warehousing.

Delivery Box has three outstanding features: It has a lid, and is nestable and also stackable; the boxes stand securely on top of each other when loaded and fit neatly into each other when empty, saving 70% of the space when not in use.

Another advantage is that, as a reusable and long-lasting product, it reduces the production of waste in the storage and logistics sectors, thus contributing efficiently to protecting the environment.

Delivery Box is available in three sizes and is manufactured in different colours, for quick identification of contents and for corporate personalisation.

Pack your boxes with Delivery Box!

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