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Occupational hazards with forklift trucks

Is there anything more important than being able to work calmly and safely? Probably not. Preventing accidents and injuries should be a priority in any workplace. This is even more relevant for jobs involving heavy machinery. For example, do you know about the occupational hazards related to forklift trucks? We will try to explain them to you in this post.

At Carttec we care about safety. Today, accidents in the industrial sector are still a common problem. That is why we strive on a daily basis to find solutions and improvements that can have a positive impact on the protection of workers and equipment. Prevention and safety are two of our most ambitious objectives.

By avoiding accidents we can work more comfortably and, consequently, improve productivity, as we can go about our daily activities without any worries. With this in mind we developed the CRASH STOPPER technology, a vehicle collision avoidance system with real-time tracking and alerts for forklift trucks.

Learn about the occupational hazards with forklift trucks

The main occupational hazards with forklift trucks can be divided into several groups. The most relevant would be:

  • Collisions and entrapment
  • Vehicles overturning
  • Loads falling
  • People falling
  • Forklifts falling from a height
  • Fire and explosions
  • Injuries
  • Poisoning and asphyxiation

The causes and preventive measures will vary within each group. For example, if we were to talk about the main reasons for collisions or entrapment, we should highlight driving at high speeds, vehicles being driven by untrained operators, distractions, brake failures or driving on slippery floors (there are more). To avoid these situations, the best solutions are limiting driving speeds, training employees, concentrating at all times while driving, moderating speeds in sub-optimal conditions, or carrying out regular forklift truck maintenance.

Similarly, the causes of vehicles rolling over could be turning at high speeds, driving with a high load or using tyres that are in poor condition. To avoid these occupational hazards with forklift trucks, it is important to always insist on an appropriate speed and to check the condition and pressure of tyres on a daily basis.

As you can see, every potential accident that could occur when operating these vehicles has a specific cause that can be addressed. Mistakes or absent-mindedness are the main causes, as well as driving at inappropriate speeds. This is why CRASH STOPPER technology can be a powerful ally in the day-to-day activities of any organisation.