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Solutions for good cleaning of a hotel: Carttec, at your service

If you run a hotel or a hotel chain, Carttec can become your best ally. It is not for nothing that we are great specialists in hotel cleaning solutions. We put all the necessary means at your disposal so that you can achieve your most ambitious goals.

Hospitality and tourism are two of the most demanding sectors today. Failure can mean a definite loss of credibility. Fame and prestige is something to work on day in and day out. Cleanliness, tidiness and general care are three of the most important points to which customers tend to pay the most attention.

From Carttec, we are not going to fool anyone. The cleaning and maintenance workers in these establishments are faced with an arduous task on a daily basis. For all of them, any help is always welcome. Especially when we are talking about quality solutions and advocating the simplification of all tasks without any loss of quality.

If you had to ask us, we would say that among the qualities that hotel employees must have is a great vocation and passion for hospitality. To ensure that each guest enjoys the most pleasant, peaceful and restful stay.

Carttec, a key part of a hotel’s cleaning strategy

In order to offer a quality service that is valued by our clients, the cleaning of a hotel must be scrupulous and adhere to a set strategy. Having a plan will mean taking a great first step towards achieving the most ambitious goals. But beware. Pre-planning, as well as having the best equipment, is essential.

So, for example, in order to generate a correct strategy, it will be necessary to determine how much time can be invested in cleaning a hotel, how many members will form this team, what the total number of rooms is, how long it can take to clean each of them..

This last point is really the most relevant in hotel cleaning: What is the estimated time per room? It must be sufficient to allow workers to leave the room in perfect condition for use and to allow them to take care of the rest.

At Carttec, we are committed to helping all our customers. That’s why we offer the most comprehensive solution for housekeeping, cleaning, luggage or service trolleys. Did you know that we also have smart trolleys for hotel cleaning? Find out about them and you won’t regret it!