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Capacity control by Carttec

The new “normality” restricts and forces to control the capacity of all the establishments opened to the public, as stated in the Royal Decree Law of 9 June.

Capacity control is one of the most effective ways of preventing the spread of the coronavirus by allowing people to maintain a physical distance from each other, mainly in closed spaces.

For this reason, since the beginning of the global pandemic caused by COVID 19, Carttec’s R+D+i team has designed and developed different systems in order to protect both its customers and employees.

The capacity control system developed by Carttec consists of a bird’s eye view camera to control the entry and exit of people from the establishment in real time while showing the total capacity, occupation and indication of whether or not it is possible to access the commercial establishment on a screen located at each entrance.

Carttec’s capacity control is a turnkey solution. The bird’s eye view camera is installed at the entrance and has a detection distance of 3 meters. Its artificial intelligence identifies and counts only people, with over 99% reliability. In addition, its design and small size makes it almost unnoticeable to the customer.

The screen, also located at the entrance of the establishment, informs the customer of the actual capacity at that moment, giving way by means of a traffic light. If a customer does not comply with the instructions and enters at full capacity, an acoustic signal will sound to warn of the infraction.

Carttec’s capacity control can be combined with temperature detection cameras. They allow the instant, non-invasive monitoring of up to 30 users simultaneously, so that traffic is not affected at the entrance to the establishment.

More information is available in the product catalogue and you can see the features on the product datasheet.

If, in addition to controlling the capacity of your establishment, you need to have a more accurate control of the physical distance between customers while keeping track of all activity, Socialtec is the right solution for you.