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The shopping experience is revolutionised with JuliusCart

The revolutionised shopping experience is here! JuliusCart is the game changer retail has been waiting for, it takes the shopping experience to a whole new level.

With this development Carttec provides the perfect solution to one of the problems that most consumers complain about during their time on the sales floor: the difficulty and overexertion required to push their supermarket trolley when it is loaded with products. 


JuliusCart or how to elevate the shopping experience

A trolley loaded with more than 100 kilos of goods that can be moved with two fingers, effortlessly from the beginning to the end of the shopping process – this is JuliusCart

In the supermarket and in the Cash & Carry, the loyalty of the consumer is assured once they have tried out the innovative drive technology incorporated in this trolley.

An intelligent solution that comes as a result of Carttec’s experience in the retail world and the application of the latest technologies to commercial equipment. 


What does this mean for consumers? 

Simply a more efficient shopping experience, fully tailored to your needs.

But JuliusCart is more than just a product, in retail, it is:

  • The vision of constant evolution made real. 
  • In this new technological era, Carttec is leading the way in digital transformation, providing the necessary tools to ensure success in an increasingly competitive retail world.
  • The solution that substantially changes the way we experience shopping. It brings the future to the present.
  • This is achieved by applying technological innovation to everyday practices, with the aim of making people’s lives easier and providing the retailer’s business with greater profitability.


The innovation that is revolutionising the self-service shopping experience is called JuliusCart!