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Optimising operations: Carttec’s HorusTEC transforms asset management in the retail world

HorusTEC is an innovative solution that is redefining asset management and shopping experience in supermarkets.

It is also generating great interest in other sectors such as in Industry and Healthcare.


How does HorusTEC influence asset management?

HorusTEC offers retailers a complete and real-time view of many crucial aspects of their environment, with a special focus on the management of shopping trolleys and other indoor assets. 

Among the most important functions of HorusTEC are:

  • Real-time shopping trolley management: thanks to its advanced technology, HorusTEC provides retailers with up-to-date information on the exact location of each shopping trolley in the shop. This not only improves the availability of trolleys to customers, but also provides insight into the use of these assets in the shop.
  • Effective control at checkouts: HorusTEC provides supermarkets with accurate information about the number of shopping trolleys at the checkouts as a whole and at each checkout individually, allowing for a more efficient allocation of resources and a reduction of waiting time at the checkouts.
  • Analysis of usage and immobilisation time: the HorusTEC platform makes it possible to evaluate the usage time of each shopping trolley and how long they remain idle. This is essential to maintain a constant flow of trolleys available to customers and to carry out effective maintenance of these assets.
  • Parking control: HorusTEC’s innovative technology even extends to the supermarket car park, allowing retailers to track the location of shopping trolleys outside the shop.
  • Efficiency in product replenishment: HorusTEC streamlines product replenishment by automatically measuring replenishment trolley times and routes. This ensures a smooth shopping experience and well-stocked shelves.


HorusTEC is generating a lot of buzz in the retail world by providing accurate, real-time information on asset utilisation and, very importantly, the customer shopping experience. 

HorusTEC’s technology is setting a milestone in the retail world, a transformation in asset management, significantly improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.