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Montserrat Supermarket bets on Cart Control by Carttec

Following the huge escalation in the number of thefts of trolleys from supermarkets, even using the trolley itself to carry them out, the Montserrat supermarket in Empuriabrava is adding Carttec Cart Control to its security and economic loss prevention systems, the anti-theft system for supermarket trolleys, with an anti-theft test rate of 99%.

In many cases the saying “Better safe than sorry” is true. Montserrat de Empuriabrava is one of the supermarkets that have followed the lines of this saying, prioritising the safety of its employees, of its customers and also avoiding the economic loss that such theft entails.

Carttec offers two complementary anti-theft systems, which are perfectly adapted to the needs of each customer.

Firstly, Purchek a signal system that registers entry to and exit from the related establishment. When the customer enters the shop, the Smartwheel receives access permission and when the customer goes through the checkout and makes payment, the wheels of the trolley receive an exit authorisation. At no time is the customer aware that the Purchek system is in operation.

In addition, this system is finished off with a security camera that stores the images of the attempted theft, which enables the identification of both the thief and the product they have tried to steal.

Secondly, Cart Control which has locking and unlocking aerials and a compact transmitter mounted on each door transmitting a wireless signal, allows the outdoor aerials to work. Each of them generates the locking and unlocking zones.

The key element in both systems is Smartwheel, the wheel designed to prevent loss due to attempted theft of trolleys or the goods contained therein, on and off the establishment’s premises.

All of our control and anti-theft systems are manufactured with materials that offer the the highest strength and durability.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.