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Equipo Socialtec de Carttec

SOCIALTEC in the press

SOCIALTEC, the technology developed by Carttec for the prevention of coronavirus in public spaces by controlling the physical distance between people has received press coverage.

Antena 3, Tele 5, Agencia EFE, La Razón, ABC, el confidencial, 20 minutos… are some of the media that have shown interest in the latest innovation developed by Carttec.

Let’s remember SOCIALTEC’s main advantages:

    1. It prevents the formation of crowds.
    2. It controls if social distancing is being done effectively.
    3. It ensures the customer’s peace of mind.
    4. It allows real-time accurate monitoring of the establishment’s maximum capacity without the use of estimates as it is currently the case.
    5. It prevents the employees from having to confront the users.
    6. It prevents the security staff from having to confront the users.
    7. Establishments will save up on floor vinyl signage displaying the allowed distances to be kept.
    8. Its installation is easy and invisible to the customer.

If you would like to see how SOCIALTEC works for the prevention of coronavirus in supermarkets, department stores, hotels, offices and other commercial establishments, we invite you to watch the following videos.