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Which shopping basket is best?

Knowing which shopping basket is best will significantly improve your customers’ shopping experience. Going to a large supermarket is not the same as going to a DIY chain, nor is the place where we are going to put the products.

In the case of trolleys, there are also various types, as well as the trolley shelters, and each supermarket needs specific ones.

Which shopping basket is best?

We can answer this question by thinking about the material, the function, the physical space, the type of customer and even the company colours.

In this article we are going to focus on which material is the most suitable for making shopping baskets.

Think about the nature of each business: if you go to a department store, you are likely to make larger purchases. If you are looking for small items, you will prefer a different type of basket.

When choosing the ideal material, the goal is to improve the user experience on the sales floor. You should not leave matters that seem as simple and unimportant as the choice of basket to chance, as it is factors like these that shape the impression that the customer takes away from your business.

Basket materials

To find out which shopping basket is best, let’s start with the material it is made of.

Once upon a time, metal baskets were widely used. However, plastic has proven to be a much better material for several reasons:

  • It is very resistant: while metal baskets rust and deteriorate over time, plastic baskets resist corrosion and are difficult to deform. You can also fill them up without fear of breakage, and they are highly resistant to atmospheric conditions.
  • It is very light: this is convenient for the customer and for the workers, who spend much of their time having to stack and move them around the shop. This is particularly important in the case of hand baskets.
  • Lower cost: the manufacturing cost of plastic baskets is lower than that of metal baskets. Thanks to this we can offer you a very high quality plastic at a very good price.
  • It is more hygienic: traditional metal baskets can accumulate germs and bacteria on the handle or in the corners, and are very difficult to clean. The plastic ones are easy to disinfect, ensuring that the sales space is healthier for everyone.
  • Recyclable: the most remarkable feature of this material is that it can be recycled. It is true that this process emits CO2 into the atmosphere, and that is why we use high quality plastic that lasts as long as possible.

In short, to determine which shopping basket is best, you must first look at the material they are made of, not forgetting the type of shop where they will be used. If you also use a specialised company such as Carttec, you can be sure that the quality will be the highest on the market.

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