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Improving safety at work: discover Crash Stopper technology

It’s no secret. In fact, it’s actually a very reasonable, frank and desirable objective. We’re talking about improving safety at work, especially for the most delicate sectors or those prone to all kinds of accidents, knocks or falls. At Carttec we are committed to preventing occupational hazards and increasing safety. That’s why we implement our technological developments in all kinds of machinery on a daily basis.

These days, all industries need to stay up to date and seek solutions to improve the safety and security of all their workers, as well as to safeguard materials and resources that are essential to the day-to-day operations of the organisation. At Carttec we work to minimise accidents at work as much as possible. We look after the well-being of workers and the peace of mind of companies.

Keep in mind that a risk-free and calm environment leads to improved productivity for all staff. A happy worker will be able to perform all their duties more efficiently, without wasting time and with the peace of mind of being in a safe environment.

Crash Stopper, our tool for improving safety at work

Did you know that many workplace accidents in various industries are due to vehicle collisions? To prevent them, we have developed Crash Stopper, Carttec’s anti-collision solution with real-time monitoring and alerts for all kinds of forklift trucks and other industrial and professional vehicles.

Efficiency, profitability and security for all kinds of businesses and companies. The vehicles will be equipped with positioning beacons. Each of them will have a corresponding alarm. And personnel working in the area will also be equipped with positioning bracelets.

When it comes to improving safety at work, Crash Stopper offers three levels of alarm:

  • Advance warning: to alert pedestrians.
  • Alarm: activates the sound, the light and the forklift brakes.
  • Interaction range: allows you to approach the forklifts to operate them, silencing any alarms that may have been triggered.

As mentioned, this technology is able to slow down or even stop any truck and vehicle should the alarm level be activated.

At Carttec we strive to achieve zero risk in the workplace. We have now achieved this in the field of collisions, thus protecting both personnel and vehicles, as well as work equipment.