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Carttec also protects your trolleys and goods at Christmas time

The holidays are approaching and supermarkets, as they do every year at Christmas, are preparing to take on an unknown loss that is greater than at any other time of the year.

Can we prevent the theft of trolleys full of high-value goods, and of the supermarket trolleys themselves? Yes, of course we can! Carttec has the solution with its Purchek and Cart Control systems.

The world’s leading retailers have already implemented these solutions in many of their shops and have seen their losses, in terms of profits and assets, from this type of theft reduced to practically zero.

Cart Control protects the outside and is designed to provide maximum security around the perimeter of the supermarket, creating an invisible barrier that blocks trolley wheels to prevent theft.

It is an efficient and cost-effective solution, so that trolleys can never be carelessly removed from the shopping area. The installation of the necessary elements, which are suitable for all climates and surfaces, is very quick and simple.

Purchek protects the inside and has been developed as a signalling system to record the entry and exit of assets from the establishment. That is, when a customer enters the shop, the Smartwheel, installed on the shopping trolley, receives permission to enter the sales area. Once the customer passes through the checkout and pays for the purchase, the wheels receive an exit authorisation.

If payment is not made at the checkout, the wheels are blocked, preventing the trolley from leaving the establishment and thus preventing any theft of goods purchased as well as that of the trolley itself.

All this without the customer ever noticing any signs of the system’s operation while, as usual, carrying out their shopping.

Such implementation is complemented by a security camera that stores images of any attempted theft, allowing the identification of the potential thief and the products he or she is trying to illegally take.

On the other hand, both systems increase the security and peace of mind of employees by avoiding conflicts and confrontations with offenders.

Its operation is based on the use of Smartwheel, an intelligent wheel that prevents the theft of supermarket trolleys and the goods contained in them. Two types of wheels can be distinguished: Travellator wheels designed specifically for the ramp and QS wheels with rubber tread.

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