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Save space on deliveries with DELIVERY BOX

Carttec’s new product, Delivery Box, is a stackable plastic box that is essential for home delivery. It allows you to quickly identify the product and makes delivery work and storage easier, saving more than 70% in storage space, by stacking one inside the other.

Delivery Box is a reusable product with a long life span, reducing waste generation in the warehousing and logistics sectors, and is environmentally friendly. This saves on single-use materials, and the stackable nature of these boxes also saves space.

These boxes are designed for sectors that most require these services, such as the food industry and the pharmaceutical, personal hygiene, hardware, stationery, cosmetics and other sectors. They are an indispensable logistical link in the transportation of products from the distribution centre to the shop or to end customer’s home, as the products travel in a sealed container.

In addition, they come in a wide variety of colours that enable the boxes to be identified according to their contents, or these colours could also be selected to match the company’s corporate colour. There are 3 different sizes to suit the needs of each customer.

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