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Charter Castellnou prevents the theft of its supermarket trolleys

The CHARTER shop located in Castellnou has entrusted Carttec to revamp and protect its investment in shopping trolleys.

CHARTER Castellnou is a 350m2 establishment. Its outdoor car park means there is a trolley theft problem. If trolleys are not protected, their theft becomes difficult to prevent once staff lose sight of them.

CARTTEC was able to set up a trolley theft prevention service in just one working day using the CART CONTROL system. An efficient and cost-effective solution that prevents trolleys from leaving the established area, in this case the car park. In the event of an unauthorised attempt to leave the area, it locks the intelligent Smart Wheel 2.0 wheels, which are also all-weather and suitable for all surfaces.

Having established a system to protect their trolleys, CHARTER has decided to update their shopping trolleys. As their trolleys can no longer be stolen, they have chosen the plastic shopping trolley, customised, ergonomic, resistant and functional. These trolleys, with an internationally recognised level of quality, are made by Polycart, a Carttec partner, and can operate to full satisfaction for several years, providing an additional service to the customer, contributing to customer loyalty.

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