You are currently viewing Carttec solutions for supermarkets: optimising customer experience and operational efficiency

Carttec solutions for supermarkets: optimising customer experience and operational efficiency

In the dynamic world of retail, where constant adaptation is essential, it is crucial to identify and solve common customer challenges. In this context, as leaders in solutions for the sector, we have developed several Carttec solutions.

These are innovative responses to three recurring problems, based on our retail safety systems.


What do these Carttec solutions consist of?

To ensure that companies make informed decisions and maximize their satisfaction, we have identified and proposed solutions in the following ways:

  1. Combating supermarket robberies

  • The alarming trend of increasing theft in supermarkets, caused by the rising prices of essential goods, accentuates the need for an efficient security system. 
  • Carttec presents two outstanding solutions: Cart Control and Purchek
  • These systems are designed to prevent both the theft of shopping trolleys and their contents.
  • They provide crucial protection against financial loss.
  1. Improving the mobility and manoeuvrability of trolleys

  • Ease of steering the self-service trolleys is vital to provide maximum convenience to customers. 
  • This translates into a longer in-store footfall and therefore the opportunity to increase customer loyalty. 
  • Carttec is distinguished because of its focus on solutions that improve the manoeuvrability of trolleys, such as JuliusCart
  • This innovation ensures a smoother and more satisfying shopping experience.
  • It also contributes to customer convenience and strengthening the brand image.
  1. Optimising trolley management and location

  • Simplifying the task of collecting and organising trolleys in supermarkets is essential to optimise staff time and improve the customer experience. 
  • Providing a well-organised trolley parking area not only improves safety and prevents accidents, but also preserves the good condition of commercial equipment. 
  • Carttec addresses this challenge with its innovative Cart Manager solution. 
  • This system significantly reduces the time needed to collect trolleys, improving operational efficiency and optimising the supermarket experience for both employees and customers.


All in all, Carttec stands out as a reliable partner for the retail industry, offering solutions that not only address critical challenges such as theft and shopping trolley management, but also improve the customer experience and optimise operational efficiency.

With its focus on innovation, quality and competitiveness, Carttec solutions continue to lead the way towards safer, more efficient and satisfying retailing for all involved.