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Smart Picking optimises accurate order preparation: Presentation at Euroshop 2023

You already know that, at Carttec, we are fully committed to technological advances that have a positive impact on the day-to-day life of companies and organisations. Did you know that Smart Picking optimises accurate order preparation in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible? Stay right here. We are going to explain what this system, recently presented at Euroshop 2023, involves.

Our recent visit to the world’s leading trade fair for retail equipment could not have gone better. It generated a great boost for our brand, supported, among other aspects, by the success of Crash Stopper at Euroshop 2023. We should bear in mind that this event is only held every three years, so each edition only features the most cutting-edge companies and the most significant new products.

Why do we say that Smart Picking optimises accurate order preparation?

This tool we have developed has a clear function: to make order preparation as simple and accurate as possible. Because that is what it is all about: promoting simplicity. And, incidentally, preventing and avoiding all kinds of errors that could occur while preparing multi-orders.

To achieve this, the Carttec team have opted for fully customisable colour-coded lights. This way, it is clear to the worker at all times where to place the goods or product that corresponds to each product.

Smart Picking is installed in a fully customisable trolley adapted to the needs of each customer, both in terms of size and the number of simultaneous orders it can handle. This all makes it an ideal tool for completing jobs accurately. Smart Picking optimises accurate order preparation and, at the same time, enables increasing profitability in any company’s online order department.

Meet the most modern trolley for fully reliable order preparation

How Smart Picking works, which we presented at the recent Euroshop 2023 trade fair, is very simple. The trolley is equipped with the number of boxes corresponding to the number of orders requested. The operator then selects the products to organise each requirement thanks to its colour-coded lights (fully customisable).

In addition, this system has two motion sensors that accurately detect the position of the boxes and the entry or exit of each product. This means all order preparation times can be optimised, as it enables simultaneous processing.

In short, Smart Picking is the perfect ally for optimising order preparation as it is capable of adapting to the needs of each shop, allowing managing a greater number of orders. This is a powerful tool that will improve the efficiency and accuracy of every organisation.

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