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Failure to delimit access areas at airports may result in lost profits

Delimiting access areas at airports is essential if travellers are to move smoothly. Slowing the frenetic pace of boarding queues or check-in counters can be very frustrating for passengers and for the workers themselves.

This results in complaints, grievances, discomfort and inconvenience for both the public and staff, leading to lost profits.

At Carttec, one of our areas of work is airports, so in our catalogue you can find: trolleys, trolley collectors, airport seats… and, of course, devices for signalling access and waiting areas.

Delineate access areas with posts

When we travel, it is not always clear which accesses we should use. Sometimes the queues are not well differentiated and it is very difficult to get to where we want to go.

Using boundary posts is a very practical solution, as well as being easy to install and very flexible.

The same posts can be placed in different locations, as moving them is very easy. If airport staff need to change their location, they can do so without any hassle.

This is a great advantage, besides that of delimiting access areas:

  • Facilitating the flow of people
  • Keeping queues well differentiated
  • Preventing the passage of unauthorised personnel
  • Enabling the addition of printed messages on the tape
  • Advertising or information panels can also be added

This type of delimitation element is used to separate very different types of areas. Although check-in and boarding counters are the first thing we think of, we can use them in:

  • Hotels, cinemas, museums, galleries, restaurants, commercial establishments, etc.
  • Workplaces, production areas, warehouses, loading and unloading areas, around maintenance work, etc.

The idea is to be able to create security perimeters at dangerous points. The aim is to achieve fast and simple access control.

Why might this lead to a loss in profits?

If the customer experience is negative, this will result in a loss in profits in many ways.

In order to avoid any sense of chaos and discomfort generated on the part of the public, proper delimitation is essential. We do not want these people to choose other airlines or other means of transport because we have not provided them with an adequate user experience.

Carttec has been offering the best solutions in the healthcare, security, retail, airport, hotel and event sectors since 2007. We know the needs of each environment and how to help you make the most of them.

Providing a pleasant and effective user experience is synonymous with good performance and increased profits.

Delimiting access areas is a basic practice in the proper organisation of any space. Please contact us for advice on choosing what would best suit your requirements.

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