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Carttec with “Event skin” – Eventoplus 17th edition

On September 20, the 17th edition of the Eventoplus 2022 Awards Gala was held in the events and meetings sectors in Spain and Portugal.

Last year the bar was set very high with the theme “Around the Ring”, this year has been more special, making a small tribute to the effort and work that there is behind each project, under the theme “Event Skin” inspired by the city of Cordoba. These last two elements have marked the line of the event with the aim of creating sensations, stimuli and concerns.

This annual event stands out for being the great meeting between industry professionals, promoting networking, recognizing talent, stimulating creativity and encouraging the involvement of stakeholders (suppliers, agencies and clients).

Carttec returns to Eventoplus with its R&D department, CarttecLAB, which is committed to innovation, security and continuous improvement of management with its tools for any type of event.

One more year we bet on our star product in this sector, Horustec Events. It is the software that allows the control and management of traffic, as well as the tracking of visitors and assets in real time, by means of beaconing technology or through smartphones.

Carttec, innovating for the future, revolutionising the present.