Socialtec is the new platform developed by Carttec, which integrates state-of-the-art technology, both to control the capacity of any space where crowds may form and any place where social distancing has to be monitored.

Socialtec is a product issued from our Horustec range, but has an entity of its own. It allows, by the use of beacons, to view the location of each customer and total capacity within the established area in real time, guaranteeing the peace of mind and safety of the users. Each customer receives a small device when entering the establishment to be carried while shopping. The device alerts the shop with acoustic and vibrating signals when two users fail to keep the safety distance. The devices can be paired up for customers attending the establishment together.

Socialtec’s interface provides visibility on the locations of each person in real time as well as the total number of people in the premises at any given moment and all the activity can be recorded in case further analysis is required. In addition, this interface can be displayed on a screen at the establishment’s entrance to regulate the flow of customers. It can also include any information deemed appropriate by the shop’s management.

What can Socialtec analyse?
1. The real-time location of users with an accuracy of 20 cm.
2. It can generate sound and vibration alerts to the users carrying the devices.
3. It can store historical data on user behaviours and incidents.
4. It can supervise the compliance with regulations inside the establishment, whether to maintain distances or not to exceed the maximum permitted capacity.

Among the numerous advantages of Socialtec, the following are worth mentioning:
1. It prevents the formation of crowds.
2. It controls if social distancing is being done effectively.
3. It ensures the customer’s peace of mind.
4. It allows real-time accurate monitoring of the establishment’s maximum capacity without the use of estimates as it is currently the case.
5. It prevents the employees from having to confront the users.
6. It prevents the security staff from having to confront the users.
7. Establishments will save up on floor vinyl signage displaying the allowed distances to be kept.
8. Simple installation and invisible to the customer