Access with temperature control

All Carttec’s social distancing and capacity control systems (Socialtec) can integrate a camera that is installed at the entrance of any space and measures the body temperature of the people within its field of vision.

It can take the temperature of several people at once, with a detection of 30 users per image.
It detects temperature with an error margin of ±0.3 degrees.
It generates an alarm in the control computer in case any user shows signs of fever.
The temperature is detected instantly and is minimally invasive in order to avoid affecting the flow of customers at the entrance of the establishment.
It allows to measure the temperature of the face, without counting other forms of heat and avoiding misinterpretations.
The optimal distance for temperature detection is 3 metres.
From the control point, data is displayed in real time from the different access points.
The data collected by the camera are highly accurate and can be further processed.
Fast installation.