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Optimising the shopping experience: Horustec by Carttec revolutionizes supermarkets

Congestion in supermarkets has been a constant challenge that affects customers’ shopping experience. In response to this need, Carttec presents an innovative solution: Horustec.

It is a space optimisation system designed to help supermarkets maximise the use of their sales area and improve customer flow and the supermarket carts they use.


This is how Horustec works

Horustec uses advanced data analysis technology to identify traffic patterns and create heat maps in the supermarket.

This information allows:

  • Make strategic adjustments in the arrangement of products on shelves
  • Optimize customer flow
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce waiting times

The implementation of this Carttec solution leads to a significant improvement in the customers’ shopping experience. A noticeable amount of time is saved and traffic in aisles is more fluid. 


The benefits of this system for customers and retailers

This innovation not only benefits customers by making their shopping more efficient and enjoyable, it also increases the profitability of supermarkets by making the most of their resources and understanding in detail the strategic points of their sales area.

With this innovative technology, supermarkets can face the challenges of in-store traffic with confidence and offer their customers an exceptional shopping experience. 

Horustec is not only a solution to congestion in supermarkets, it also represents a step forward in the retail sector’s adaptation to changing consumer demands. By using state-of-the-art technology, Carttec demonstrates its commitment to continuous improvement and innovation in the retail sector.