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Travelling with children made easier with Carttec

What is the worst part of travelling? Without a doubt, the waits and queues. When travelling with children, especially for them, these moments last forever. At Carttec we have designed several airport products to make the experience more enjoyable.

One such product is the airport children trolleys, but there are many more. In today’s article we tell you how these elements can turn travel into an adventure.


More pleasant waiting times when travelling with children

“How much longer?”, “When will we get there?”, “I’m bored” and other such phrases are common on any family trip. Waiting wears us all out, but especially children. If we also have to carry a lot of suitcases and luggage, the process becomes more complicated and exhausting.

Improving this experience is one of our objectives when designing airport trolleys and furniture:

  • If we want a queue to move forward and be well organised, Carttec access systems are the right solution. By means of stanchions and ropes we separate and order queues which speeds them up. In addition, these elements are customisable and can also serve as signage.
  • If a trolley does not roll properly or is unbalanced, it can significantly hinder the experience. Carttec trolleys guarantee the highest quality. They allow you to move freely around the customer side of the airport and with them you can even go up in lifts and on automatic conveyor belts. With space for your belongings, these trolleys are easy to manoeuvre and very comfortable due to their handles and lightweight materials. Like the other products, they can be customised.
  • Children’s trolleys will turn waiting and travelling around the airport into an adventure for little ones. Equipped with seat belts and a reliable, automatic braking system, these trolleys are completely safe. Luggage space is also available.
  • The waiting areas should be comfortable and durable to make them pleasant places. Waiting with children can be tricky, but thanks to our benches and seats, the little ones can sit, eat, play and even sleep comfortably.


5 recommendations for travelling with children

As a traveller, these recommendations are very useful. As part of airport organisation, you should be aware that it is essential that children are accompanied with the right equipment for a favourable experience:

  • Accessible documentation for when it needs to be presented to others
  • Arrive in advance in case of any setbacks
  • Dress children in comfortable, layered clothing that is easy for them to put on and take off
  • Prepare entertainment such as books, coloured pencils, toys, etc.

The experience of travelling with children changes radically when the airport is equipped with Carttec solutions which make it a comfortable and friendly space.