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Organising space for home shopping

We are doing more and more home shopping. However, as customers, we do not know the organisation behind each delivery. As companies in charge of planning and preparing orders, they need systems that help us to do this efficiently.

At Carttec, we have designed several solutions to optimise these processes, such as the warehouse trolleys or the product we are going to talk about today: Delivery Box.

What does home shopping mean for a warehouse?

When an individual or a business places an order, the company in charge of preparing the order needs to be impeccably organised so that there are no errors, losses or mistakes.

Delivering orders on time is crucial to ensuring a good business relationship. In addition, it is essential to match the delivery note and that the goods arrive in perfect condition.

In a warehouse that does not have the right solutions in place to optimise this organisation it is impossible to achieve the above objectives. Space is another major logistical problem that companies face when it comes to distributing the orders they receive.

What is the solution to these problems?

At Carttec, we have devised several solutions, but today we wish to tell you about just one of them: Delivery Box.

  • These boxes are specially designed to serve as a logistical link between the distribution centre and the end customer’s home or business.
  • They are made of high-quality plastic and versatile, essential for home delivery, making distribution and storage easy.
  • Once empty, they can be stored folded or stacked one on top of the other, saving up to 70% of the space.
  • When full, they are also stackable, fitting into each other to ensure stability.
  • They are reusable and durable, thus limiting waste production and protecting the environment.
  • Thanks to them, we save money and also the space needed to store them.

Main features

Delivery Boxes, plastic boxes with lids, stackable and inter-locking, are available in various colours. This has two functions:

  1. The colours are associated with the type of content for easy identification
  2. Choose them according to the company’s corporate colours

They are perfect for optimising the processes of companies that offer home shopping thanks to their features:

  • Can be interlocked or stacked
  • They can also be stacked full, with the lids open.
  • They are available in a choice of 3 different sizes to best suit your needs.
  • They are produced in different colours for quick and effective identification or for corporate customisation
  • They are resistant and reusable
  • They incorporate a type of fastener that allows for a perfect fit of the lids
  • They can save on empty storage space by more than 70%
  • Seals can also be added to them to ensure they have not been opened.

Therefore, in order to optimise the organisation of home shopping processes in warehouses and companies, Carttec’s Delivery Box is the ideal solution.