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How to improve mobility on the sales floor

Mobility on the sales floor can be a pleasant experience or a problem for customers and the company. This depends on the functionality of the elements that make up the purchasing process.

At Carttec we design different solutions that make this experience easier for customers and shop floor workers alike. From the trolley collector to the baskets we are discussing today, our departments have succeeded in making the retail processes quicker and more convenient.


An unsatisfactory basket negatively affects mobility in the sales area

Shopping needs to be a simple, agile, efficient experience. If it is not, the customer may prefer to do it in another establishment that does offer a more efficient process.

Shopping baskets are a key element in achieving this goal. The quality of this element is crucial for a satisfactory experience.

This is true for both customers and workers who need to be able to move the baskets easily, collecting them and replacing them properly.


Light and pleasant shapes in Carttec baskets

All the products we design at Carttec are subject to an exhaustive prior analysis. We want to provide perfect solutions that adequately meet our customer’s needs.

To do this, we study the various aspects that influence the purchasing process and we manage to shape the ideal product.

Supermarket baskets are products

  • low-cost products that do not require a large investment
  • that increase sales
  • that improve profitability

It is important that the baskets are

  • light
  • ergonomic
  • easily stackable
  • with handles and wheels for easy movement
  • quiet

Direct, last-minute purchases are usually made with a basket rather than a trolley. If we want to get the most out of the process, the basket is the key element.

Customer turnover is another aspect that improves considerably when we introduce a basket that is easy to handle, quiet, rolls smoothly and can be operated comfortably.

  • All Carttec baskets are customisable in different colours, ensuring the continuity of the branding present in all the elements of the retail area.
  • If the shop is small or has narrow aisles, baskets are the perfect solution.

Transforming the shopping experience into an easy, pleasant and speedy process depends to a large extent on the small details. Mobility on the sales floor will be crucial to this experience.

The customers’ impression on leaving the establishment will be determined by these details, so it is important not to leave them to chance. Faced with problems that slow down and affect the shopping experience, Carttec solutions emerge, always working to innovate.