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Energising the sales area with Cart Manager


A satisfactory shopping experience depends on the perception of both customers and employees. Cart Manager is key to achieving this goal.

The synergy that is created in a shop where everything is perfectly ordered and ready to use is unparalleled. We can achieve this by using the best Carttec products for this purpose, from islets and trolley shelters to the vehicle we are talking about today.

Cart Manager: faster and safer trolley collection

Moving long lines of trolleys is often a problem. Their weight and dimensions make them difficult to locate, and they are placed in the middle of corridors and installations, making it difficult to pass through.

This is not only a big problem for all other supermarket workers, who cannot continue with their tasks of restocking and customer service, but also for the customer, who cannot move freely around the sales area.

Of course, by using these tools, we also look after the postural health of our workers, avoiding injuries and sick leave.

These are its advantages

Cart Manager is a winning resource that has an impact on everyone: employees, establishment and customers.

  • Its sturdiness and adapted wheels enable it to move trolleys in the event of any difficulty
  • They are resistant to rain and snow
  • They can move on uneven car parks
  • This system is equipped with a remote control with images that make it easy to use
  • It also has all the safety features: light, acoustic warning and a brake button

Technical specifications

Cart Manager is an indispensable tool for distributors, as it reduces the time it takes to collect trolleys.

  • It has a power output of 700 W – 25 A. 36V operating voltage.
  • Carts are nested together and pushed by the Cart Manager, employees steer the carts from the front while using the remote control to operate the unit.
  • The machine is equipped with a holder for convenient storage of the control unit.
  • This control unit is very easy to use and includes buttons with icons that simplify trolley collection.
  • This powerful tool also features an LED strobe light, a brake light, an acoustic warning device and an emergency stop button to ensure safety on the work surface.
  • It reduces one-time trolley collection time and keeps the inventory optimised.
  • Its batteries run for up to 12 hours on a single charge.

Cart Manager effortlessly picks up heavy trolleys, being able to collect up to 25. Its robustness and resistance make this vehicle the perfect tool for handling trolleys regardless of their weight or of the weather conditions.

If you would like more information about this Carttec product designed to further optimise the shopping experience, please contact us.