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Carttec functional equipment for mass events

When organising an event where a large number of people are expected to attend, functional equipment is essential to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

From the access and waiting areas to the celebration itself, it is important to control the flow of people to ensure safety.

Why it is necessary to use functional equipment for events

Imagine you have spent the whole year organising and planning a very important event. Many people have confirmed their attendance and it looks set to be a great success. However, on the key day something goes wrong: the queues are really long, they are not flowing and get out of control. Thus, neither can we guarantee the attendees’ safety nor avoid their negative opinions.

The best way to solve this problem is with the event system we have designed at Carttec, which we will tell you about below. A system in which technology and design go hand in hand to provide you with the tools you need.

Benefits of this equipment

Controlling data management at a trade fair or congress and event venue can be very complicated when attendance is massive.

If the right technology is in place, obtaining information on visitor behaviour is much easier. These are the benefits of using our system:

  • Management of the organisation: information on the location of exhibitors, statistics on attendees and their passage through the various areas of the site
  • App: allows you to launch alerts to announce upcoming events
  • Staff: by knowing where they are in real time, we can better manage the different work teams
  • Provide information: with the data obtained, exhibitors and decision-makers can compile statistics and analyses to help them in their decision-making and organisation of the next event.

Horustec Events: Carttec technology and design

The system we have created for you to enjoy the above benefits is called Horustec. This is the name of the ideal solution for those involved in event management.

The system consists of:

  • A customised application: which allows you to create different alerts to help you with management and security. It also collects relevant information for exhibitors such as the date, time, group and duration of the visit to the stand of the different users and what others have visited.
  • Cameras: these are placed at each stand and provide relevant information on the number of attendees at the event, both at global and aisle level.

In this way, organising visitors better and being able to send cleaning or security staff to the area of the site where we need them becomes a quick and easy task thanks to Carttec’s functional equipment.