Hypermarket and supermarket carts, trolley pushers, handling and logistics carts, control systems, anti-theft solutions, parking systems, mobility vehicles, etc.

Carttec Retail

Luggage carts, duty-free carts, children’s carts, furniture, electric vehicles, etc.

Carttec Aeropuerto

Luggage carts, access systems, waste bins, housekeeping carts, hair dryers, minibar refill carts, cleaning carts, laundry carts, service carts, room service carts, kettles, ice buckets, etc.

Carttec Hotel


Since the beginning of its existence, Carttec has focused on both the domestic and international market.

Thanks to the competitiveness and innovative nature of the two solutions, in addition to the Spanish market, its products have reached markets such as the USA, Italy, Austria, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, OAE, Kenya, Zambia, Uruguay and Colombia.

Since Carttec's entry into the airport market, the company has signed collaboration agreements with major institutions in the sector. Today, Carttec's luggage trolleys operate in several of the world's major airports such as Istanbul, Paris Orly, Paris Charles de Gaulle, as well as AENA and the Indian Airport Authority’s network.

Carttec Expansion

Know How

In Carttec you have the following competitive advantages in dealing with the fast growing international domestic markets:

Customized product design according to customer requirements.

In addition, the engineering team has extensive knowledge in the areas of design, material strength and industrial production which, together with the most advanced production facilities, enables a company to offer higher quality than its competitors and consequently longer warranty periods.

Carttec diseno producto personalizado

Technology and R+D+i.

Retail and hospitality carts integrate cutting-edge technologies and value-added features to position Carttec as one of the world leaders in the industry. In addition, the company invests a large part of its profits in research, development and innovation to continue to be a reference in the markets in which it is present.

Carttec I+D+i


In addition, Carttec has accumulated experience and knowledge of the products and sectors in which it is present for over 25 years. Carttec’s sales network ensures a rapid presence and excellent customer service supporting international markets through a network of partners.

Carttec background


Customer service.

With a qualified and experienced after sales service team, Carttec is able to guarantee short response times and presence at the customer’s premises for any request or eventuality.

Carttec atencion al cliente

Production centre

Among other advantages, the in-house production of the products allows for quality control of the production, which is mainly focused on customer satisfaction. In addition, Carttec is able to offer more competitive prices thanks largely to its dependence on other manufacturers.

Carttec centro productivo

Delivery times

Through the logistics center in Valencia, cartel has a large stock of products that guarantees immediate availability in a wide variety of products most in demand. In addition, the production centre in Wuhan (China) guarantees tight and flexible delivery times to adapt to clients’ needs.

Carttec plazos de entrega